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Great Bay Rod Company

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Great Bay Fly Rods

The Great Bay SFT rods are a new entry to the fiberglass fly rod market as of October, 2008. This description was taken from the Great Bay Rods website.   "The SFT Series of Fly Rods from Great Bay Rod Company is our new line of fiberglass rods, 4 piece models meant to not break the pocketbook, yet still perform flawlessly day in and day out. We build these rods with the same New England craftsmanship and skill as all our other rod models."


  • Both series are built on four piece blanks with a glossy, deep green finish
  • The Saxon Creek series uses an REC up-locking cap and ring reel seat with a tulip wood body
  • The Northeast series uses an REC up-locking reel seat with a tulip wood insert
  • Both series have stainless steel, single foot guides wrapped with ruby thread and gold trim
  • Both series use spigot ferrules to preserve the feel and action throughout the rod
  • All ferrules have alignment dots for ease of assembly
  • All rods include a rod bag and an aluminum rod tube
  • All rods are priced at $279.99 and blanks are $125-135

  • Both series are medium action glass fly rods with the following line and model designations:



Great Bay SFT Fly Rods
Saxon Creek 6'6", 4 piece rods Northeast 7'0", 4 piece rods
Model Number Line Weight Model Number Line Weight
SFT664-2 2 SFT704-2 2
SFT664-3 3 SFT704-3 3
SFT664-4 4 SFT704-4 4
SFT664-5 5 SFT704-5 5


Great Bay Saxon Creek Series
Great Bay Northeast Series
   Photos courtesy of David Gibson

David Gibson holds the roles of the owner, president, rod designer, marketing manager, and perhaps a few dozen other jobs at Great Bay Rod Company. Like many of us, Dave built his own rods for almost 20 years. However, four years ago he decided to make a business of it. Not content to follow the market, Dave brought the Winding Brook rods to market. As he told me, he wasn't trying to make a rod to "outdistance" the competition, he simply wanted a rod that would fish well. Late this year, he began marketing his SFT fiberglass rods. Dave sent me this description of his company and the SFT rod line.


"Great Bay Rod Company was founded 4 years ago in September of 2004 with the premise that the fly rod marketplace needed a manufacturer that would buck the trend and produce a medium or medium/fast graphite fly rod that had excellent damping characteristics and even better casting characteristics. Our first entry into the market was with a small stream graphite rod series called the Winding Brook Series. Since the introduction we have begun production on 5 additional series of fly rods with the most current series being our fiberglass models, the SFT Series. The SFT series has been in "beta" for the last 6 months as we tried to perfect tapers for the 6.5 foot Saxon Creek, and 7 foot Northeast models.


Great Bay Rod Company is located in New Hampshire and all rods are hand built and hand tested. All rods produced by Great Bay Rod Company include our Original owner lifetime warranty. Original owners can return the broken rod along with a check for $50.00 and include serial number and contact information for repair/replacement by Great Bay Rod Company."

Reference:    Permission to use material from the website, personal communication with David Gibson of Great Bay Fly Rods.

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