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TL Johnson Fly Rods

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T.L. Johnson Fly Rods

This marketing description was taken from the T.L. Johnson website courtesy of Terry Johnson.  "Synergy Glass SG rods are designed for anglers who want to step up from the “soft” quality of bamboo but who desire a gentler action than graphite. “Subtle and sweet yet powerful” best describes the T.L. Johnson Synergy Glass fly rod. We use the latest high-tech glass fibers and low modulus graphite to create a rod that is gentle to cast, light in hand and very durable, yet stays within the boundaries of traditional glass rods."


The Synergy Glass rods are finished in a beautiful metallic olive with matching wraps. The seat is a bright aluminum cap and ring with a cork insert.



T.L. Johnson Synergy Glass Fly Rods

Model Number Length Line Weight
704-2 7' 4
764-2 7'6" 4
804-2 8' 4
765-2 7'6" 5
805-2 8' 5
Double taper lines indicated


T.L. Johnson Signature
   Photo courtesy of Jim Stuard/Fly Fish Ohio

When T.L. Johnson rods opened their doors in 2002, Terry Johnson was not a newcomer to making fly rods. Terry had already been in the business almost twenty years, first with J Kennedy Fisher and later with Graphite USA. T.L. Johnson's shop is in Nunn, Colorado, north of Denver and near the Wyoming border - in other words, in the heart of Western Trout Country. Terry's rods reflect that Western personality, they are on the quick side for glass with reserve power for longer casts and wind. This personality stems from the construction technique used for the blanks. First, a helical core of low modulus graphite is applied to the mandrel to provide hoop strength that keeps the rod round during casting. Next, a layer of fiberglass is laid over the graphite core to define the rod's action and casting properties. The result is a fly rod with a little slimmer profile and less mass for the specified line weight. The metallic olive/green color is a stylish touch reminiscent of Garcia's Lee Wulff series of Conolon fly rods.


The T.L. Johnson Synergy Glass rods are a recent development, so there are few reviews available on the Internet. Fortunately, there are two detailed reviews on the Fly Fish Ohio website, Jim Stuard's review of the Synergy 704-2 and Joe Cornwall's review of the Synergy 805-2. Terry Johnson is still expanding and perfecting his line of glass rods. Because all the blanks are rolled to order in the Nunn, Colorado shop, there are many possibilities for owner specifications and custom detailing. In addition, there are rods in the works not listed in the table above. For instance, I know he has a 7'9", 7 weight rod that he can make up on request. There will also be some news after the September Fly Fishing Retailer show. Stay tuned, this is a company to watch.


Reference:    Permission to use material from the website, personal communication with Terry Johnson of T.L. JohnsonFly Rods.

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